Dame Specifics

Category: NDcent Dames

NDcent Dames is a Launch Team, consisting of a select group of readers who are passionate fans of Nikki Duncan’s romance novellas and novels.

NDcent Dames specifics:

  • The Dames will have a private Facebook group to chat, plan and get to know each other.
  • You must have a Facebook profile Nikki can friend you through to be added to the Facebook group.
  • Nikki will be active in the group so you will have full access to ask questions you may have about her book releases, etc.
  • Dames are encouraged to create content to share, but Nikki will provide content for online sharing. Content will include:
    • Tweets
    • Facebook status updates
    • Excerpts
    • Tags
    • Blurbs
    • Countdown widgets
    • Book videos
    • Deleted scenes
    • Contests, that often include the Dames

To be a Dame, you promise that you:

  •   are a fan of sexy romance novellas and novels, either suspense or contemporary in nature.
  •   are on Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads) and have a reach of at least 1000 people between your combination
  •   are an active blogger with a steady following.
  •   are not a reviewer/employee for a book review site or publisher.
  •   do not work for a publishing house, small or large.
  •   will not share any ARC you receive with anyone else.
  •   will not post excerpts or spoilers from any book without permission from Nikki.

NDcent Dames reviews:

  • should be honest. Nikki does not have a thin skin and her ego is not easily dented. Honesty is most important.
  • should be posted within one week of the book’s release, preferably by or on release day.
  • should not include story spoilers.
  • should be posted on Amazon, B&N and Goodreads in addition to the Dames blog when possible.

NDcent Dames are encouraged and free to:

  • tag Nikki for any contests or giveaways. A standard prize Nikki will most always give away is a backlist title. New releases are only offered as prizes when it’s done as an ARC contest.
  • ask Nikki to provide the books for giveaway.
  • suggest ideas for contests, etc to Nikki for promo purposes.

In return for the help spreading the word, each Dame will receive:

  • a link to each Dame’s blog, Twitter and desired Facebook profile/page on Nikki’s website. Each Dame can choose what links she wants shared.
  • a Dame’s button to be displayed on your blog.

If you think you have what it takes to be a Dame, click the button and submit your information for consideration.