Fun Facts

Fun Fact #1

I live in the former home of a NYT Bestselling Romance author. Hubby is hoping her success with wordsmithing rubs off on me. 😉

What’s your favorite book off your bookshelf?

Her Miracle Man. It's the most real life story I've written and the memories of the research trip are priceless. Also, one of my children is a character in the story, right down to the pretend name she gave herself on our research trip.

Fun Fact #2

While in High School, I rode an Arabian gelding competitively. Before we retired, we were ranked 11th in the Nation in our division.

What's one things people either do not know or would not believe about you?

I'm an introvert. I enjoy time with my friends, but I really prefer the peace of being at home. And now that we've moved into an old home on acreage in the horse country, I get a lot of peace.

Fun Fact #3

I have mad drywall skills. Specifically with the taping and mudding. I picked them up when hubby and I added on to our first home. They're getting a refresher in the home we're renovating and adding on to.

What do you do to relax?

When my youngest started getting really involved with horses, I was reminded how much I love riding, and even competing. I've purchased a purebred Arabian gelding that we're training with the hope of showing.

I also love to read and watch the sunset over the new property.