Nikki On April - 19 - 2012

Some books are harder to write than others. Just as with everything in life, that’s a given. The same is true for inspiration. Sometimes it comes to us more easily than others. Most recently, inspiration hit me in the way of a singer. Typically I fall for one song or another by someone, but this guy… Chris Mann is a classically trained opera singer we’ve been watching on The Voice. To say he is amazing puts it mildly, but there are few words to describe how great he is.

It was this greatness that had me clicking on my iTunes buy button tonight, even purchasing his work from previous years. A few of his songs have come close to bringing tears to my eyes because of how perfectly they captivate the mood of my current work in progress HER MIRACLE MAN. I found a YouTube clip of one of his songs for your entertainment. Other amazing ones from him are Beautiful Life, Falling, You Show Me Stars, I Can’t Make You Happy and Weight of Your World (I wish I could put that one here.)

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