Nikki On December - 14 - 2012

We’ve all been told, probably several times, that we should stop and smell the roses. Embrace life. Enjoy the little moments. Maybe it’s the holidays, maybe it’s just that we have a lot of changes going on in our family right now, but I’ve been thinking about this stuff lately. The more I think about it, and the more hubby and I talk about our plans, the more clear things become in my mind.

Hubby and I have always talked about where we stand and what we want out of life. We’ve talked about my goals as an author, about what I want to get from my writing and how those goals impact our family. We’ve talked about his goals, which are often more logical than mine but not always. After 18 years of marriage, and after spending the last several years focused on my goals, we’re at a point where we can begin making his goals a reality.

It’s been scary to actually implement the changes we’re talking about, but it’s created a kind of energy for us that we haven’t had in awhile. It’s been stressful and exciting and that excitement is bleeding into other things. Our oldest is gearing up for a big interview for a special committee at school next week. Hubby is opening himself to possibilities I think he’d almost given up on. And I opened my email to find something that put me a step closer to my ultimate goal. No, I’m not telling what it is yet.

This all has me wondering.

Can you make a moment happen? Can you think and talk and dream about a big moment in your life so much that it really happens? 


On another note about moments, I’m talking about the Power of Dancing Dolphins at my friend Jerrie Alexander’s blog today. That was a moment from life that became a moment in Her Miracle Man.

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  1. elizabeth gray says:

    I think you can to a point. I think if you talk about it enough, and enough good people hear it, just maybe they will help that dream become a reality. It does come down to the saying, God helps those who help themselves. And, he does this through good people and true friends.

    Elizabeth Gray

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