A Killing Cupid

He’s everything she craves. She’s everything he dreads.

A Sensory Ops Short
February 26, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-9852147-3-9

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The Blurb

With Aidan Burgess and the FBI Specialized Crimes Unit as back up journalist Lana Quinn is chasing a story of killing proportions.She’s researched and gotten the attention of The Killing Cupid, but expecting the Valentine’s Day showdown is not enough to prepare her for the actual confrontation.

The Excerpt

Of all the Valentine’s Days I’ve spent single, this one… What in Hell was I thinking?

Lana Quinn stopped three steps from her front door and stared. Stared at the romance red envelope propped against her door beside a single red rose. It was a greeting she’d sought out. One she’d told herself she wanted, and could handle.

Closing her eyes for the briefest and shallowest of breaths, she told herself again that she could handle what came next. The strength to finish what she started had been drummed into her from childhood, and she wouldn’t have uncovered the stories she had if she’d released the lesson as an adult.

Logic lifted her feet and carried her to her door. She picked up and sliced open the waiting message. She knew what was coming. She had planned for this moment. Fought for this opportunity. An opportunity she’d had no guarantee would work out.

Lana pulled the coordinating slip of heavy paper from the envelope. Her lungs seized.

Praising what is lost makes the remembrance dear.
Through the awakening of touch, your death will be an awfully big adventure.

Your Cupid

A chill skittered along her spine. The hairs on her arms hummed like rhythmically rubbed rings of crystal champagne flutes.


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