Sounds to Die By

Between her eyes and his ears, there’s a world of sensory overload…

Samhain Publishing
Sensory Ops, Book 1
October 13, 2009 eBook
ISBN: 978-1-60504-677-8

August 3, 2010 Print
ISBN: 978-1-60504-795-9

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What’s Being Said

“…a fast-paced, intriguing read with a super hot hero and a heroine who can stand her ground. I couldn’t put it down.” ~ Candace Havens

“Nikki Duncan has spun a web of intrigue, suspense, and scorching hot love scenes that will entice any reader.” ~ Talia Ricci, Joyfully Reviewed

“AWESOME READ!! I love Ian and Kieralyn. Ian may have been blind but he saw so much and helped Kieralyn see opening her heart didn’t make her any less then what she was but more.” ~ Maggie, an avid reader.

“The character of Ian Cabrera is so different and unique. He completely surprised me by his strength and independence with complete disregard to his handicap. On the contrary, his lack of vision is spun by the author into a strength for Ian. His blindness adds a completely new and original perspective that I absolutely loved!”

Sounds to Die By has a pulsing, rhythmic beat that mixes Boston sensibility with Miami sound machine to create a passionate movement that sustains throughout the novel.” ~ HV Long

“Nikki Duncan has written a taut, fast paced story, filled with hot and heavy passion and imaginative sex, and twists and surprises that catch you when you aren’t expecting it.” ~Holly, Long and Short Reviews


The Blurb

Rookie FBI Agent Kieralyn Beckett is in a delicate position. Her team refuses to buy into her theory that a string of kidnappings is connected. If she pushes too hard, they’ll discover the latest victim was her college roommate and boot her off the case. A garbled recording is the only evidence, and there’s only one man who can decipher it. The hard part will be convincing him to take the case.

Blinded as a child, NSA “listener” Ian Cabrera spends the majority of his time analyzing data while secretly searching for his father, a missing CIA operative. His plate is full, but Kieralyn’s passion and determination, as well as the erotic beat of her heart, spark his interest. So does the mention of his father’s code name on her recording.

There’s only one way to follow this new crumb-trail of clues without tipping her off about what he’s really after. Convince her she needs him to be her undercover partner, despite his handicap. Between her eyes and his ears, they make one beautifully orchestrated team. Every time they touch, though, the arousal they generate creates one red-hot element of distraction…

The Excerpt

Damn it, Cabrera.” She stayed at his side, as he’d known she would.


“Tell me what you know.”

“Call me Ian.” Testing her reaction, and his own, he reached down and linked his fingers with hers. A shot of electricity and instant warmth slid up his arm. Her hands were soft, free of calluses except the small one on the inside of her middle finger from writing. “And I’ll tell you what I think.”

“I need facts.” She pulled her hand. He held firm. “Fine. Ian.”

“Ah.” He flustered her. Her heart skipped. “You really are a charmer.”

“And you get off on dragging things out.”

“You don’t know me well enough to know what gets me off.”

“Nor do I want to.”

Sparring with her fed an intellectual hunger he hadn’t known he had. She had a quick wit and even now that she knew he couldn’t see, she didn’t dwell endlessly on his lack of vision. Even his family forgot to think of him as a whole man at times. “Don’t protest too soon, Kieralyn. Patience is a virtue.”

“And that’s a shitty cliché.”

“Shitty because you don’t like how true it is.” He stopped outside the door of Jazz on The Rocks. “Like now.”

“How so? What did you hear that sent you here?”

He could have said he’d come just for the music, but it was her case and she might see something he missed. He’d just have to think fast if El Dogo was inside.

A couple approached. Ian pulled her intimately against him. With his lips against her ear, her scent once again slipping into him, he closed his eyes and sighed. “This club may be the one the recording was made in.”

“And you know that…”

“Based on the sounds of the place. Different calibers of clubs have different levels of sound. Different décor impacts acoustics differently. The one on the recording was high class and near the beach.”

“And this is one?”

“One of two in Miami.” He slid his lips along her neck, tasted seduction and craved a more thorough exploration of her. “You be my eyes. Tell me what and who you see. Where they are. What they’re doing.”

“Let me guess…” Her throat bobbed in a swallow. Her skin heated. Her heart pounded faster. “You’re my ears.”

“I could differentiate your heartbeat from the masses of people on this street. If there’s something worth hearing in the club, I’ll pick up on it.”
Her hands rested at his waist. “And if there isn’t?”

“We try the next one.”

“What’s the catch, Cabrera?”

“Uh-uh.” Suddenly determined to torment her every time she called him Cabrera, he nibbled her lobe. His blood rushed from his head, leaving him a little dizzy. “Call me Ian.”

“What’s the catch, Ian?”

“You have to pretend to be into me.” He slid his hands over hers and tugged on her arms so they wrapped around him. “Really into me.”


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