NDcent Dames (The Street Team)

NDcent Dames are fans of Nikki Duncan and her books. As an NDcent Dame, you will have more chances to get advanced reads and swag, including Dame specific swag. A sign up option for book reviews is¬†available on the¬†website. Though everyone can submit a request for ARCs, there will be limited copies provided, and Dames will know of a new book’s availability before anyone else.

NDcent Dames, especially those who are also bloggers, are encouraged to tag me for contest prizes or inclusion in other giveaways. Dames should feel free to ask questions, voice opinions and chat in general. I do not have a thin skin and value honesty. I ask only that things be kept civil.

The lovely Gina Dewitt helps me stay on track and will be helping here as well.

Most important, Dames are encouraged to have fun and get to know each other.

Thank you for being a fan!

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