Digital Cover Design

Elevate Your Book with a Stunning Cover Design!

Ready to transform your manuscript into a captivating masterpiece? Let's chat! I'm Nikki Duncan, a passionate graphic designer specializing in creating eye-catching book covers that truly capture the essence of your story.

Whether your narrative unfolds in a bustling cityscape or a cozy small town, I'll design a cover that speaks volumes to your readers. From bold typography to captivating imagery, your book cover will shine both on bookshelves and digital screens.

And here's a friendly heads-up: while my graphic design skills are top-notch, my drawing skills are best left to the pros. Let's focus on what I do best—bringing your vision to life with a visually compelling cover that sells.

Ready to kickstart your next cover design project? Let's collaborate and create something extraordinary together. Contact me today to get started!

Additional Information:

  • Design Credit: Design credit will be given in the front of your digital book as "Cover design by Nikki Duncan."
  • File Format: Final files will be delivered as .jpg files upon confirmation of payment.
  • Portfolio Use: I reserve the right to showcase the final cover design in my portfolio.

My Covers I've Designed