Heartwarming, sexy romance

Author of over 20 heartwarming novels, Nikki Duncan’s storytelling journey is a testament to her passion for crafting tales that resonate deeply.


Here’s what some readers have said:

Sounds to Die By has a pulsing, rhythmic beat that mixes Boston sensibility with Miami sound machine to create a passionate movement that sustains throughout the novel.


Sounds To Die By

Sometimes you read a book and it just hits you in the solar plexus, it robs you of your breath, it makes you cry, it hurts but in return you get a wonderful and inspiring story that will most likely change your life.


12 Miracles of Christmas, formerly Her Miracle Man

…an emotional see-saw with tears of sorrow followed by tears of joy. I laughed and cried, said “awww” and got hot under the collar while following the realistic story of a town full of wonderful characters.

Donna at YouGottaRead.com

Burned (in Whispering Cove)

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