Discover Nikki Duncan's romance novellas, captivating works of fiction that center around romantic relationships. Typically falling between the length of a short story and a full-length novel, Nikki's novellas span 20,000 to 40,000 words, providing a concise yet deeply engaging narrative.

Key features of Nikki Duncan's romance novellas include:

  • Romantic Plot: Each novella revolves around the central romantic relationship, focusing on emotional connections, overcoming obstacles, and resolving conflicts.
  • Intensity and Focus: These novellas maintain a high emotional intensity, concentrating on the core romantic elements of the story while occasionally skipping subplots found in longer novels.
  • Happily Ever After (HEA): Just like her longer works, Nikki's novellas ensure a satisfying resolution for the romantic relationship, promising a fulfilling conclusion for readers.

Experience Nikki Duncan's romance novellas for a quick yet immersive journey through love, connection, and happily-ever-after endings. Explore the range of novellas Nikki has crafted to captivate and delight romance enthusiasts like you!

A Promise of Convenience, A Passion Unexpected

Tulle and Tulips Wedding Planners Series

She Escaped Darkness. Can Love Mend Her Heart?
Sparks fly when a heroic veteran and a sassy firecracker collide.
A Naked Encounter Unlocks Love
Diamonds, Code, and Unexpected Love
Diamonds, Code, and Unexpected Love
Can a reformed beach bum convince her to take a chance on love again?
Can a Second Chance Heal the Wounds of the Past?
She whips up magic in the form of wedding cakes, but her own life is a recipe for loneliness.

Whispering Cove Small Town Romance Erotic Series
Written with Cathryn Fox and Mackenzie McKade

In this small town by the sea, old flames burn hotter than ever.
When friendship catches fire, can love rise from the ashes?
This Christmas, their one-night song becomes a lifetime melody.
Sometimes the most beautiful designs are painted with passion.