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Greetings, romance aficionados and fellow daydreamers! Here’s the juiciest dish straight from my writing nook, also known as my "she shed": I’ve just wrapped up a whirlwind of words and emotions in my latest novel. Brace yourselves for heart-pounding twists, tender moments, and of course, that swoon-worthy happily-ever-after!

But wait, there’s more! I’ve been spotted sipping margaritas with characters who just won’t stay on the page—they keep insisting on writing their own stories. Who can blame them with all the excitement and tequila?

Stay tuned for sneak peeks and updates on what’s brewing next in my world of love and intrigue. You won’t want to miss a single chapter of this adventure!


“He saved my shoes.”

Lori eyed her feet. “Clearly the shoes are the important thing here.”

“I love my shoes.”

“Then he’s a true hero.”


Torn between promises and passion,

duty and desire…

A father’s chance to know his children tangles into a web of doubt and passion that threatens a few hearts.