Whispering Cove

When poker playin’, rum drinkin’, schemin’ granddads set their sights on finding mates for the town youngin’s, the boats in Whispering Cove start rockin’.

Mackenzie McKade, Cathryn Fox, and I have teamed up to take on small town Maine in a series of anthologies. Each of our stories will focus on a different couple, but they will all have the matchmaking fun of the men seen as the town’s grandfathers.

In Wild, Wet and Wicked, Whispering Cove, Maine is bustling with the excitement of their first ten year high school reunion looming on the horizon. Even the town’s favorite grandfathers—Byron Mitchell, Harold Adair and Errol Wilson—are anticipating the return of the young ones. Specifically, their young ones.

The grandchildren who skipped town after graduation and have failed to settle down with a family are coming back for a prolonged visit. During their weekly poker game, Byron, Harold and Errol cook up a plan to keep their grandkids home, or at least see them settled into marriage before they leave. To make things interesting, they place a bet on which grandchild will be the first to the altar, after all they’re not going to be around forever and the sound of great grandkids sure would help shake things up a bit in the quaint, touristy fishing village.

When the kids arrive home, the matchmaking games and antics begin as these three men battle each other, and go to great lengths, to win their prideful bet.

In Burned, Bold and Brazen, the granddads are up to their antics again. This time, they’ve enlisted the help of the friends of their grandchildren to help with the Fall Festival. Fun and games are taken to new heights as the couples navigate the blueprints of love (and booth building). Some even play in haunted pubs. And this time, to make sure certain matches take, kids are pulled into the game.

The bet has been placed. Will one of them have to eat barnacles?

All the books in order

Print Release: March 2013 ISBN: 978-1-61921-403-3

Print Release: June 2013 ISBN: 978-1-61921-236-7











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